Datai beach

Datai beach

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Sheffield Wednesday

Yeah, I know most of you won't be bothered about reading this post but now, just before the game starts, I just wanted to record that thrill of excitement and anticipation. We've had a great start to the season - 6 games unbeaten - and for the first few years in a while, it is great being a Wednesday fan. We're doing it the right way too and everyone is pulling together.

Terrible for my diet as, despite various plans, I've just enjoyed 3 pints of Harvest Pale and a cooked breakfast.

Hey ho. We have toughest test of the season ahead of us - Nottingham Forest - but who knows?? 

We were chatting with some Forest fans in the pub before we left and it was just as it should be. Proper clubs, proper fans!

Come on you blue and white wizaaaards!!!!

Thursday, 28 August 2014


I just remembered what triggered my last departure from blogging!!

I had painstakingly tapped out a longish post on my phone then thought "some photos would be nice" then, in trying to find the photos, had lost the entire post.

Cue gnashing of teeth and snarling and "I'll do it later" and then nothing for 5 weeks.

I remembered this as I have just done The. Exact. Same. Thing. Again.

I'm very annoyed by this but, as you can see, am posting anyway. I'll try and remember the proper, positive, non-shouty post and re-type it soon. But, for the time being at least, I'm proving to myself that I do learn and can move on.

Snarls.....growls....going to lunch...a healthy one!!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The power of blogging

After I tapped out my last post, I was shamed into stepping on the know, walking the walk not just talking the talk and all that. Eeek. A most unwelcome number popped up. I'm treating it as a post Bank Holiday weekend blip.

However it did prompt me to do more walking of the walk so I dressed straight into running gear and, after some essential work stuff, I took myself and the dogs off for a short run! I think it's been 4 or 5 weeks since I last went running and it was initially very pleasant but soon after that very hard!

But another hoodoo has been busted. Blogging, scales and a run all in one morning. It's probably too soon to say "I'm back, baby" but I'm on my way.

Thanks for the comments and emails.


I appear to have had August off. Am I french I wonder? Did I pack up, leave Paris and head to the  ancestral village in the Auverne (with no broadband) to stuff my face and pick grapes for a month??

Well, not quite but it feels a bit like that.

The good news is that I have not been piling on the lbs during my 'hiatus'. The last time I braved the scales a few days ago, the damage was a solitary lb on.

The bad news is I have not been dropping any and exercise is sporadic so that's 5 weeks wasted. My pre-Christmas target drop will have to be revised upwards. Grrrr

I have been sleep walking along. Having a nice summer, yes but I could have been doing that AND dropping a few lbs as well.

So the weekly weigh-ins and more frequent blogging will be back and hopefully I can drop a stone before Christmas!!

I'm tapping this out on my phone in bed so it will not be a long post but I wanted to seize the moment. Speak soon.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Hectic but sticking to it

I played golf this morning in the glorious sunshine.  Heaven.  I actually played well and to my handicap for a change but just slipped up right at the end so didn't have the REALLY good round I was hoping for.  I lost by 2 shots, both of which I dropped on the very last hole by hitting my drive out of bounds!  Grrr  Still, it was pleasing to play well and not to go to pieces with a card in my hand.

And lovely to have a peaceful interlude in the fresh air without chores and places to be under pressure.  Straight after golf it was dashing home to pick up bags and pat the dogs goodbye.  Then off to sunny Lincolnshire to my parents' and an afternoon of working from home and supervising my mother while dad went shopping.  I got loads done but ended up working hard and late so I was happy that Dad cooked supper (gorgeous fresh fish from his weekly Grimsby fish man).  I picked up after that so had the energy to water the plants (just before it rained!) and put Mum to bed.

She has been sweet and playful this evening but spent the hour before bed asking to be taken "home" to Grimsby.  It must be so bewildering for her wondering why she can't go home and has to sleep in this evidently strange place (where she has lived for nearly 40 year!).  But she doesn't complain or fret(too much).  I hope she isn't distressed but hiding it.

I've since cyber stalked family on Facebook for my father's benefit, done an online shop and am now listening to the divine Anna Netrebko and Elina Garanka with my pa while tapping this out.  When selecting music to listen to I never fancy opera but when Dad plays his DVDs I remember how beautiful it is and how uplifting and wonder why I never listen to it at home.  I must not neglect it as this is stunning.

Tomorrow I will do a couple of hours' work then head down to Suffolk for the funeral after which I will drive straight home. It's going to  be a long day but we have an early start on Friday for the golf so it has to be done.  And then, with my pals arriving Saturday morning, I'm going to be shattered by Monday!! I can sleep when I get properly old (which will be soon at this rate)!

Hopefully all this dashing around will encourage the lard to melt.  A girl can dream eh?

Monday, 14 July 2014

Week 3 weigh in

My pessimism was misplaced. I managed another small drop this morning. 1.2 lbs off taking me to 16.2.8. It may be fairly glacial progress but it IS progress. That's 3 consecutive drops now. Yay me!!

If I keep up this rate of progress for the next 24 weeks, I will drop 2 stone by THAT is some contingent diet maths!!

So, I suppose all the sporting activities over last week have done the trick and helped me scrape a drop despite less than perfect eating. In gratitude for the benevolence of the scales, I went for an early morning run (well, shuffle would probably be a more accurate description to be fair). It was most uplifting, brilliant sunshine and so peaceful. Heavenly.

I hope you like the pics.

The coming week looks moderately dangerous. I've been fine today despite a TOTM inspired desire to Stuff. My. Face!! I'm holding on but I suspect that, if I had not seen a drop this morning, I would not still be holding on. Success breeds success etc

Tomorrow should be okay too. I have to drop Rich at work before 7am so I'll have plenty of time to go for a swim before heading off to Rotherham.

Wednesday is golf then off to my parents but still not bad.

Thursday though is a trek down to Suffolk for my aunt's funeral. Lovely Betty was my mum's last sibling and, at the end, she was much like mum, oblivious through dementia. She was gorgeous though, fun loving, very intelligent and a totally devoted family woman. She went downhill later than my mum, after her beloved Dennis died but until then kept active volunteering at the Citizens Advice and being the beating heart of her family.

I'm going all that way because I was very fond of her and also in the hopes of staying in touch with my cousins now that the older generation is dwindling.

Then it's a dash all the way home because on Friday we're going to The Open!! (That's The Open Golf Championship at Hoylake.) Rich was given free tickets and miraculously we've managed at short notice to take advantage of them. I'm so excited! We're going to be seeing our golfing heroes in action. Pray for fine weather. I don't want another day in the pouring rain like when we went to the Ryder Cup at Celtic Manor 4 years ago. We saw about 12 shots and left soaked and muddied up to the eyeballs!!

So the danger days are Thursday and Friday. There's not much I can do about Thursday apart from try to exercise restraint. Friday I will prepare a picnic and we will be walking for hours...fingers crossed that will be enough.

I have my school pals over for a walking weekend on Saturday and Sunday too. It's all go. We're planning on a proper walk with picnic. More activities. Please let this be the key. L xx

Heaviest in 2014 - 16.7.4

Drop this week - 1.2

Current weight - 16.2.8

Total drop - 4.6

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Photos from Langkawi- Kelim Geoforest Park

While on Langkawi, we managed to drag ourselves off the beach and golf courses long enough to go on a boat trip in the mangroves.  It was fascinating and very beautiful.  The guide was a tiny Malaysian girl who looked about 12 but must have been in her early 20s as this was her first job. She made mangroves seem very interesting and had a sharp eye for wildlife so what could have been a banal spin round the waterways became a genuinely interesting trip.

I cannot imagine spending a day in the baking sun in a boat while covered from tip to toe in black. Peering at the natural beauty through a slit or gauze.  Blegh!  Lots of Saudi money but no freedom.

A stately Monitor lizard.  I have no clue how the guide spotted it along the mangrove roots.  maybe it is always in that spot??

A long tailed Macaque monkey chewing on a Mangrove root. She was comical.

A fish eagle.  There were loads of Brahminy Hawks and eagles but it was very tricky to take decents pics of them and I didn't do very well at it. Need to go back to the classroom for a refresher re wildlife photography I think.

A series of Brahminy Hawks coming down to feed on scraps thrown from the Saudi ladies' boat.  Our guide didn't approve of it but, hey, we still got to see this thrilling sight!!

A trio of nursing mothers chatting with their offspring. Look at the baby in the middle having a total drama queen hissy fit!!

I thought this guy was going to step onto the boat to see if we had anything for him.  Luckily he stopped short and just posed nicely for me.

A marina, fish farm and floating restaurant in a hidden valley.  It was gorgeous.

Out to sea on the way home.

I like this one of us.  Must try to remember to swap it for the nasty one in a frame at Rich's mum's!!