Fun on the beach

Fun on the beach

Monday, 17 August 2015

Good news at last

Lincoln has finally agreed that mum can be transferred to a nursing home very near to where they live. There are just a few pieces of paperwork and then she will be on her way PROVIDED she is medically fit to be discharged. There is a tiny doubt about the latter but I am crossing my fingers so hard I can barely type!!

Hopefully she will be discharged tomorrow and we can all start getting better.

In other news I played a lovely round of golf this evening with an old friend. Just a fun round and a good chat but good exercise nonetheless. 18 hilly holes, about 7 km.

So I feel a lot happier this evening. (Rich even happier this evening as he won his holf tournament today and is £50 better off!!)

Toodle pip.

One week on...

And nothing has really changed.  Mum is still in hospital (2 1/2 weeks now) and is deteriorating as an acute medical ward is not the right place for her.  She is unbelievably sleepy despite not being on codeine any more.  She developed masses of mouth ulcers (which the nurses didn't spot until my sister (a GP) visited on Saturday despite my drawing their attention to her swollen face the day before) probably due to not being supervised for meals and not drinking enough.  Dad and I have visited every day, always at a mealtimes, but that still leaves 2 meals per day.

But the worst thing is the utter frustration of the lying, obfuscation by the bureaucrats.  We are told different stories by different people every day. What we need to do to arrange for her to be moved changes with every phone call.  People say they will do something; then do not; then lie about having said it in the first place.

It appears that they are hoping that my father will become so desperate that he will discharge her and pay himself for her nursing care, and he probably will.  So cynical delay, lies and poor nursing care will be rewarded.

That is not to say that everyone we have dealt with is awful but the good ones are few and far between (and much appreciated nonetheless).

So, suffice to say, I have not really been concentrating on dieting or exercise.  But I've not been going mad either.  I dropped a lb last week through all that so all is not lost.  I managed a swim, a run, some golf and a few dog walks.

I also had a brilliant night out at a surprise 50th birthday party, bopping like crazy to a punk band and had a fun day out at Rich's golf club for Captain's Day.  So life has not been unmitigated gloom.  Richard has been a rock: a loving, caring, gorgeous rock.  It makes all the difference to have someone ready to listen, cook, sort out cars, cuddle and just generally be there when needed.

Hopefully better times ahead for Mum, Dad and me.

Monday, 10 August 2015

A week late

I was intending to start again properly with weigh ins and SW sheets etc etc last Monday but was delayed by having to cope with a series of horrible events, some worse than others, which cumulatively have knocked the stuffing out of me.

I did, however, step on those scales this morning and I have a virgin SW sheet ready in my handbag together with SW compliant breakfast and lunch with me for the office. So, bloodied but unbowed I am starting again. I'll do the stats later when I'm not on my mobile and can work out formatting etc but I'm between my lowest and my highest weights this year so all has not been lost.

The crap you ask?

The main thing is my mum taking a nasty fall while visiting me last Thursday. Dad was upstairs sawing and hammering at a cupboard door and she got up to go and shout at Minty who was barking at the local free newspaper. I was on a work call but followed her through to the hallway and saw her lying face down having missed the (very stupidly placed) step and bashed her head on a cabinet.  It was a sickening sight.

I carefully rolled her over and got her sitting up but then we realised that her arm was probably bust so we called an ambulance and off she went to hospital in Chesterfield. She was a star throughout despite being in pain. The hospital put her arm in a sling and tried to send her home!! An 84 year demented lady who my dad can only just cope with at the best of times but who is now almost immobile with a fractured humerus (she can't push to stand up). Luckily as 2 nurses and a paramedic tried to cram her into the car at 8.15pm with a 90 minute drive home ahead of him, he rang me and I asked them what he was going to do at the other end, leave her in the car all night?? She was admitted.

Now she is still there with Dad and I visiting on alternate days while trying to arrange a transfer to Lincoln Hospital and from there into a nursing/rehab facility. She has fallen between 2 Health Trusts. One doesn't want her but has her and the other should be looking after her but is quite happy to leave her stewing in Chesterfield for the time being. Gaaah!!

The other crap is just normal stuff which you cope with okay usually but when you're under pressure assumes larger proportions: a dog with a sore infection requiring cream and antibiotics, an expensive list car key, yet another fault to the car once the key replaced and time of the month. The car is annoying partly because of the money and partly because of the logistical difficulties it causes in visiting mum.

So, all in all, it is a tough time but that is no reason to make it worse by gaining more weight so now is the time to get back going on diet and exercise. Running, swimming and writing down is my new routine.

I'm nearly at the office now so will apologise for the typos and weird font size changes and press publish. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Blogging 1 - Chimp nil

She tried. She tried really hard. And initially it looked as though she may have won. I didn't make it to swimming early this morning despite putting all my gear out in readiness and setting my alarm etc. I woke before the alarm, realised that Rich was not going in early so I would be waking him, noted how warm and sleepy and comfy I felt and promptly reset my alarm. I regret nothing.

But that did leave me with a choice of doing no exercise;  lunchtime running; or late running. So, lunchtime it was. That chimp was toast. I smashed through all her excuses and headed down to the canal.

I'm not saying it was good or anything but I made it to the second lock and back and even managed 3 sets of, erm, we could call it sprinting if we were feeling extremely generous in our interpretation of sprinting. Running a bit faster while trying to lift the knees and panting like a carthouse pulling a dray full of beer up a hill while being chased by wild dogs about covers it.

But I went running for the first time in about 5/6 weeks. So that's good.

Foodwise I have gone straight back to where I was without too much trouble. No bread today but a packet of Rolos after my lunch, out of the machine on a total whim. Hmmmm, perhaps it should be 1 all between me and chimp after all??

Hey ho. All in all it is good news as I'm beginning to feel the love again. Thanks for those pushes and shoves.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Baby steps

I wasn't brave enough to step onto the scales this morning but I have made a start at dieting again. A late breakfast/lunch was SW compliant as was supper and I haven't scarfed down on toast or "naughty" snacks.  Exercise was only dog walking and dancing but I made sure the walk was a hilly one despite the rain.  I will admit to an unauthorised piece of toast this evening, but only the one so not tooooo bad.

I will give it a good go this week and will try to find the time tomorrow to mock up a sheet for recording of food and exercise purposes.  It really helps me stay on the straight and narrow.

So, if I'm going to keep the momentum going, I need to work out what exercise I'm going to do tomorrow while working from the office. Choices are an early morning swim on the way to work, a run at lunchtime or a run in the evening. None are particularly appetising.  The early morning swim is, well, early.  The lunchtime run a pain as I have town type chores to do and not enough time to do both run and town. And I know I'll be out of energy by the evening as I have to meet up with someone for a legal favour straight after work so I'll be later home than usual.

On balance, I think the early morning swim is the best option so I will have to prepare properly to avoid all temptation to back out! I know what that sneaky chimp is like.

I feel better for getting started.  As though I've opened the door to the hallway of The Zone and can hear and smell the action within but I'm not quite inside yet.

Come on someone - give me a push through that door!!

Sunday, 26 July 2015

A new walk!

I arranged to meet up with my pal Jenny on Saturday.  She was dropping her daughter off at a wedding in the middle of absolutely nowhere.  The daughter was invited as the friend of the daughter of the bride so I hope they both enjoyed it.

Talk about remote though.  Where I live is very countrified but at least we have a couple of shops in the village and pubs and a chip shop.  These villages didn't seem to have any of that and the roads were TINY!  I was searching for the venue, a luxury farmhouse B&B, and found myself on the wrong side of the valley, driving up a huge, steep hill on a road a few inches wider than my car.  I was dreading meeting another car and having to reverse down.  Luckily I didn't meet anyone until I reached the top and we were level with a farm track so could scoot past each other in comfort.Phew!

God knows what it is like in winter.

Anyway, we eventually met up at the farm place and realised that it was the perfect place for a walk. So we abandoned our earlier plan and headed into the unknown.  Genuinely the unknown as we were walking on concessionary Access Land paths which were not marked on the OS map! Still with some creative guess work we married our path up with the official footpaths and found a perfect 6 miler, right over the hogsback of Chrome Hill. A stunner.  Hope you like the pics:

That's Chrome Hill to the left.  A weirdly modern name for a hill I thought.  Most were much more ancient sounding - Packhead Edge, Axe Edge etc etc

 Minty admiring the view while hiding amongst the rocks.

That's Packhead Edge ,the razor sharp looking hill in the middle of the shot.

The dogs enjoyed a cooling paddle in a ford.

An unusually sturdy footbridge.

The farmplace to the left is where the wedding was taking place.  It is hard to describe how "in the middle of nowhere" it is.

But lovely backdrops for the wedding photos!

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Slipping....I can feel it starting.

I really need to get back into the swing of it. Has anyone got some SW food records  (the Extra Easy ones) which they could email or post to me? I have lost my stash and this seemingly minor setback has been seized upon by my chimp as a reason not to re-start properly, week after intended week! If you can help, comment because the email associated with this blog died years ago.

In other news, here are some pics of Minty being hosed down rolling in something foul while walking near my parents. I couldn't let her near the house in that state!